Autocaravan park in Salento


Autocaravan park in the middle of Salento countryside

May 15th 2014 – October 15th 2014

Agrisosta camperFor several years now, Salento has become a favorite destination of many tourists. More and more families chose this part of south Italy so, in summer, you can get in trouble looking for a park area even for a short rest!

For this reason, Salentocaravan started to create an accomodation for RV tourists:

  1. Parking part-time/full-time
  2. Parking overnight in area with services

Agrisosta camperBoth solutions can offer rental car service or the opportunity for visits or day-trips to Lecce as other towns like  Otranto, Gallipoli and Santa Maria di Leuca (go to page  ViviSalento → for further information)

Services included :

  • water
  • chemical toilet waste
  • cesspoll
  • wired energy (230 V)
  • cleaning services
  • enlightened
  • check-in (bar / warden)
  • car rental →
  • WI-FI zone
  • swimming pool
  • agritourism / camping
  • boat rental

Agrisosta camperParking site is in the middle of Salento countryside, a lovely place surrounded by trees and green.



In addition RV tourists can count on assistance – workshop service → that solve all those problems and accidents can happen during vacation. Salentocaravan guarantees safety and precision for the most demanding tourist.

Available phone numbers

Rete fissa

Home line

Rete mobile 3


GPS coordinates:
40° 16′ 57.592’N 18° 7′ 54.46″S

Some useful links for your vacantion in Salento and Apulia:

Viaggiare in Puglia  – Weekend Lecce

Lecce Piazza Duomo


Agrisosta camper

Agrisosta camper 

Salentocaravan had always had tendency to offer best quality vacation organizing a lot of events ( Eventi → )

Agrisosta camper

One thought on “Autocaravan park in Salento

  1. Very good place very friendly and they can do maintenance and repairs on anything, nothing is too much trouble for them, and the olive oil is Yam-yam. I wish every camping ground was like that.

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