Workshop service

Salentocaravan is the reference workshop for the maintenance and repair of motorhomes in Salento

Before leaving for the holidays you should control your camper at the workshop that will make a complete overhaul at an affordable cost:

  • Mounting accessories from the best brands and for all usage
  • Tests for water leaks made with high-precision instrumentation
  • Internal transformations of furniture and customizations for various needs
  • Burglar alarms, cameras and parking sensors
  • Solar panels and systems for energy independence
  • Air conditioners, evaporative and refrigerated designed for RVs
  • Parabolic antennas (satellite) 
  • Verandas and all the necessary amenities
  • Tritusystem (grinding system for Tethford toilette cassette)
Officina - Staff

Salentocaravan can fullfill any request  with high competence.

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Officina - Sostituzione parete posteriore

Back side replacement 


Officina - Falegnameria Caputo Pierino

Falegnameria – Caputo Pierino


Officina - Falegnameria - Caputo Pierino

Falegnameria – Caputo Pierino

Salentocaravan has too a thirty-year experience in the field of carpentry, furniture, with highly specialized staff, laboratory-tested equipment.

Officina - Sostituzione parete laterale

Side panel replacement